‘Thou art as a whale…’

Nicola Fielding has been up close with our whales to produce smart line drawings.
We may annotate these for our conservation records.

Fin Whale

Minke Whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata Lacépède, 1804) (http://nicolafieldingdrawings.wordpress.com/)

Jonathan Delafield Cook recently exhibited charcoal drawings inspired by the research and travels of Charles Darwin at Purdy Hicks Gallery. The exhibition included a LARGE scale Sperm whale!

Sperm Whale (physeter macrocephalus)

Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus Linnaeus, 1758), (http://www.fadwebsite.com)

Watch this space for more whale art posts…

Gemma Aboe, Assistant Conservator


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